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The following PDFs contain the training exercises introduced in class for you to practice at home with your puppy. Most importantly, remember to have fun clicking with your new puppy!  



In this activity, you will shape your puppy to settle on a mat, bed, or blanket. The goal is to teach your dog to learn to lie down, rest and wait calmly in class and at home. This is also useful for teaching settle in crate and polite greetings and manners around visitors. 

Each week in class, we will build the "settle" behavior. Practice the level you learned in your last class. (Example: if this is week was your first class with your puppy, your homework is Settle Level 1). 


The Gotcha Game prevents your puppy from shying away when you reach for his collar. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching for your puppy only to have him back away just out of your reach. Gotcha teaches your puppy to be comfortable and to like having his collar manipulated.



“Leave it” teaches a puppy not to put his mouth on an object. It is a proactive cue to the puppy. It communicates to the puppy to look to you for reinforcement rather than to pick up an object in his mouth.


Puppies explore the world with their mouths. At some point, a puppy will have something in his mouth that you will need to get from him. If you chase the puppy and grab the object from him, you will only teach him to 1) run like mad away from you or 2) guard objects because you try to “steal” them from him. Teaching a puppy to eagerly relinquish objects will prevent potential problems.


topics of discussion

The following PDFs provide detailed information on class topics.