While a group class is best for puppy socialization and for learning with controlled distractions, private training may be a more appropriate option for dogs with specific behavioral problems or for families who have unique scheduling or physical limitations that make attending classes difficult. 

Private sessions can be conducted in your home, at our Waukesha location, or (when appropriate) other mutually agreed upon location, such as a doggie daycare or park. 

We also collaborate with veterinarians and  veterinary behaviorists, and when needed, refer clients to them to diagnose and treat certain canine behavioral problems.


We can help with, but not limited to, the following:

  • Potty Training  / Housebreaking 

  • Crate / Independence Training

  • Digging

  • Boundary Training 

  • New puppy preparation, manners and socialization plan

  • Manners training (e.g. sit, wait, recall, leash walking, etc.)

  • Polite leash walking

  • Recall (i.e. comming when called)

  • Jumping / Polite Greetings

  • Counter surfing / Begging for food

  • Adjusting to new circumstances (e.g. new baby, new pet, re-homing, new work schedule, death, adoption, etc.)

  • Destructive behaviors (e.g. inappropriate chewing, digging, nipping / mouthing)

  • Breed Selection 

  • Pre-adoption counseling

  • Comfort with groomer or vet





In many cases, a private, one-time consultation is all that is needed to help reach your dog training goal(s).  This is a great option for those that need help with potty training or housebreaking, greeting guests politely, help training polite leash walking, etc. 

The initial, in-home consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. We will first examine your dogs environment and routine, and review your behavior training goals. Next, you will learn how to use clicker training, a positive, science-based training method, to effectively communicate with your dog. We will wrap up the session training your dog, focusing on your goal behaviors.Following the consultation, you will receive an emailed session summary along with a customized training plan, tip sheets and educational materials. 3 weeks of unlimited email support is also provided. 

COST: $135.00


  • Jewel Clicker & Wrist Coil

  • Travel Time & Mileage

  • 3 weeks of unlimited email support  

  • Educational materials 

  • Customized follow-up assessment and training plan

Get started by completing the Private Training Request form below. Once we receive your request form we will contact you to schedule the initial consultation, and proceed with payment. 



Some training goals may require additional in-person sessions, or you may simply prefer them after your initial consultation.  

Additional sessions are one hour each, and include behavioral tip sheets following each session. 

COST: $95 per session

Purchases of three or more sessions, will be discounted at 20%.


  • Travel Time & Mileage

  • 3 weeks of unlimited email support  from final session date

  • Behavioral tip sheets

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