LCCC Jewel Clicker

LCCC Jewel Clicker


Stock up and ready yourself for those "clickable" moments with the new LCCC jeweled i-Click™.

The original i-Click™ clicker was developed by the clicker trainers at KPCT to be revolutionary in design and function. Available in four translucent jewel colors: blue, green, red and purple. 

  • A Quiet Click. Perfect for classes or sound sensitive animals. Animals trained with a louder box clicker can easily understand it, too.

  • Timing is Everything. The i-Click is always in a clickable position no matter how you hold it, so you never miss a click.

  • Perfectly Sized. The i-Click is small enough to be hidden in your palm, so you don't need to worry about it becoming a visual cue.

  • Balanced Clicking. The trigger is perfectly designed so only a small amount of pressure is needed to click, but can't easily be clicked early or mistakenly.

  • Everyone Can Click. The i-Click is disabled-friendly and can be strapped to a wheel chair and clicked with your palm or chin.

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