Jessica J. Lehr, KPA CTP                                                                                                    Owner & Founder, Certified Trainer 

Jessica J. Lehr, KPA CTP
Certified Animal Behavior Trainer, Owner and Founder

As Lake Country's first and only Karen Pryor certified trainer, Jessica's experience and focus goes beyond that of many traditional dog trainers, as she holds certification in broad animal species behavior conditioning; specializing in dogs, beef and dairy cows.

Jessica offers group dog training classes in Salem and Waukesha, Wisconsin, private training for dogs and animals of alternate species, and seminars.

 Dr. Brenda Juleen, DVM, KPA CTP                                                  Veterinary Behavior Consultant

Dr. Brenda Juleen, DVM, KPA CTP
Veterinary Behavior Consultant

University of Wisconsin- School of Veterinary Medicine fellowship trained and certified by Karen Pryor for Animal and Behavior Training Academy, Dr. Brenda Juleen collaborates with Lake Count Canine Connecon, LLC s a veterinary behavior consultant.

Dr. Juleen is a practicing veterinarian at Westosha Veterinary Hospital and owner and founder of Click to Connect Animal Behavior and Training, LLC in Salem, Wisconsin



 "Indi" Supervisor of Fun

Supervisor of Fun 

Indi is a 3 year old Whippet male. He attended Karen Pryor Academy with Jessica in Chicago, and continues to love learning new behaviors with clicker training. When Indi is not training he enjoys meeting new people and dogs, running and cuddling.